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Philip Willie
Webmaster – Fhats Casino
Philip Willie
This site is privately owned and was the brain child of Philip Willie and Davy Jody. Willie and Jody worked hard to establish and build an honest and dependable online gambling review website that was particularly created with the South African online gamer in mind.Read more about this amazing online casino.

Gambling review organizations play a very important role in the gambling industry. These review organizations and website provide gamblers with an unbiased and truthful review of different gambling websites. This information can be particularly valuable to gamblers because they can help them to avoid poor gambling experiences that some gambling institutions offer. Scams can also quickly be discovered through these review sites and avoided.

More About Us…

The fhatscasino.co.za website is a relatively new online review website. It was established in the year 2011 and is based in KZN (KwaZulu-Natal).

However, without the help of Ron Dave and Carl Nicholas, the fhatscasino.co.za dream would never have been realized. The energies of these men ensured that Willie and Jody’s vision resulted in what we know now as fhatscasino.co.za. Online gamers based in South Africa sat up and immediately took notice of the information-packed fhatscasino.co.za website.

The website then gradually began to grow more and more popular as these gamblers begin referring the website to fellow online gamblers and search engines directed more and more traffic their way. The fhatscasino.co.za team did not disappoint. Visitors at the website could browse through seemingly endless articles and reviews that contained valuable and relevant information.

While there are other online gambling review sites available, many online gamers in SA still prefer the fhatscasino.co.za website when they need to find reviews or specific gambling-related articles/info. This is because the fhatscasino.co.za team strives to provide the South African online gamer with the most relevant and comprehensive online gambling reviews.