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Playing Online Blackjack

Playing blackjack online can be one of the most exciting things you ever do. Not only is it really fast paced and exciting but it can also be a lot more rewarding than playing in any land-based casino. There are many different variants of the game that can be enjoyed online and while the land-based game may only give players the option of hit or stand, double or split, online players will also be able to skip turns, to re-bet and to take insurance.

Online, players have a lot more control over the game and can adjust the setting as they see fit. This means that should they wish the background to be blue rather than green for example, they can quickly make this happen. Should they need assistance, they can also contact customer support while they play via live chat and get the support they need. If they want out of the game, they need only close the browser window or log out. There is no lengthy process involved.

Online Blackjack Casinos

Playing online blackjack can be one of the most exciting ventures any casino player will ever have a chance to try and this is because unlike the blackjack that is offered in land-based casinos, the ones that can be found online are both more complex, come in more variants and are more fast-paced. Online casinos are able to offer players exactly what they would find in a land-based casino and more, and this is why there is definitely a good argument for going online versus going out to a physical casino.

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Types of Online Blackjack

Blackjack in itself is an exciting game, but for those who are looking for something new and exciting, the online version also offers them the chance to play the many different variants of blackjack. In each version, the rules are quite different and in some case, the games are played with just 48 cards, with one standard deck or even with eight decks. One of the more well-known versions of the game has to be Vegas Strip, but there are many others including Spanish blackjack, tournament blackjack and even the multi-player variety.

Online Blackjack Bonuses

There are not many online casinos that will offer players bonuses for playing blackjack specifically, but just because these are few and far between, does not mean that they do not exist. Usually, the only type of bonus a player will find when they play online blackjack is the normal one that they can claim for making a deposit. This usually consists of a match for the deposit made and is not specific to blackjack, however, there are some that offer free play to give players the chance to try out a casino.

Instant Play Blackjack

All of these add up to an online gaming experience that players simply will not find in a land-based casino and while some may argue that there is nothing quite like sitting at a blackjack table to indulge in your favourite pastime, others will agree that the wealth of choice to be found in online blackjack makes the game very appealing. What is great about playing online too is that players have a lot of choice, which means it is the perfect starting point both for experts and beginners.

Blackjack Games

Microgaming Classic Blackjack

Microgaming is one of the foremost producers of online casino games and this includes just about everything a player could every want to experience, from slots to video poker to table games. One of the most exceptional in its repertoire is the game of classic blackjack, one that is played and enjoyed by just about every player online. The game involves getting to a total of 21 with the cards in a variety of ways and having made a variety of wagers. The player who beats out the dealer is the one who eventually becomes the winner. The difference between the Microgaming offering and that from any other producer of games is that Microgaming puts a lot of thought and testing into their blackjack games. This means better sound, smoother functionality and the ability to play a game that is expertly designed too.

Microgaming European Blackjack

European blackjack is just one of the variants available from Microgaming and in this game, most of the standard functionalities remain the same. The major difference between the offering from Microgaming and that from any other provider is that this game holds an Expert Mode for those who are experienced in the way the game works. This makes the game customisation, which for many players is something they simply will not find with any other casino developer.

Playtech Blackjack Switch

Playtech is a provider of many online games and one of the most exciting is their Blackjack Switch offering. This is a great combination of classic blackjack but with the twist that every player receives not one but two hands which they can utilise in the game. There is the need to make a maximum bet of about $300 in order to partake in this game, but the opportunities to win become so much more prominent, that there is no doubt this is money well spent. For those looking for a new adventure in the world of blackjack, this certainly will be enticing and will offer enough opportunities for reward that players may think they have stumbled upon a better form of blackjack than ever before.

Microgaming Spanish Blackjack

If you’re looking for a new take on the steadfast game of blackjack, you may want to check out Microgaming offering, known as Spanish Blackjack. Not only is the game faster and more exciting than the standard version, but it also provides more opportunities for players to win. Available in three variants of its own, namely, multi-hand, gold series and gold series multi-hand, the game has something to titillate even the most experienced players.

Why Play Microgaming Spanish Blackjack

In this game, players play with a 48 card deck, rather than the standard deck and this means that players have to use strategy more carefully. There are no tens in this game and thus players have to depend on how their cards will be used strategically to their advantage. Players have the option of playing autoplay if they so wish and this means that the hands are logged and players have the option of retrieving the game’s statistics afterwards.

Rules of the Game

In the game of Spanish blackjack, players have the option of a late surrender, which means they will only need to give up half of their bet if they choose to surrender once all the cards have been dealt. This is available to them even when they have already doubled down. To double down, players will have to match the bet they initially made, which means they have to double what they have already bet.

Bonus Payouts in the Game

This game allows for those players looking for bonus payouts, which means that should they use extra cards, they will get an extra payout. In the case of a player getting three of the same card for example, they will receive a higher payout. If they use six or more cards to get to a total of 21, they may liable for a bonus payout too, since this is such an unusual combination. One thing that players must remember is that once they have doubled down, these bonus payouts will no longer apply and though they may still get a great combination, they will not be able to claim for it.

Microgaming Super 21 Blackjack

The game of Super 21 Blackjack as offered by Microgaming is one of the most exciting players will ever get to experience. Played with the standard deck of cards, this game enforces a rule that makes the dealer stand on any hands that are equivalent to 17 or higher. What this means for players is that there is less pressure to take more cards when they already have a total of 17.

Why Play Microgaming Super 21 Blackjack

So why play the game? Not only does it give more of the advantage to the players, but it is also a fun variant on a game that players already know. The game of blackjack, while exciting in itself, can get tedious, especially when one considers that the same process is followed time and time again. This is certainly not the case with Microgaming Super 21 Blackjack.

Game Rules

The biggest rule variation in this game, as opposed to a standard game of blackjack is that players are allowed to take on the late surrender option. What this means is that they have the chance to play out their entire hand and then surrender if they don’t think that their cards are good enough. It will save them half of their initial bet amount. Also, any cards valued at ten can be split, such as the ten, jack, queen or king. This means that the players can end up with multiple hands if they keep getting dealt these cards.

Special Insurance Rules

Insurance as a rule, is something most players do not take on as it is often not used. In this version however, the insurance is a side bet players will want to splurge on. Should they lose, the insurance pays back half of their money. Should they win however, the insurance will pay them back 2:1 of their bet. This means that either decision is a win-win.

Additional Payouts Available

Players have the extra option of getting an additional payout if they manage to get a blackjack in all diamonds. If this should occur, the player will get a payout ratio of 2:1 as opposed to the standard 1:1. Any hand with six or more cards that does not total 21 or more will also be paid out automatically and should the six cards total 21, the payout is 2:1.

Playtech 21 Duel Blackjack

Playtech introduces to those players who love blackjack the game of 21 Duel Blackjack, a game in which two cards are placed in the centre of the table and the players and dealer use them to try and get the best hand. This game is definitely more player-friendly and allows for players to have the upper hand in blackjack.

Why Play Playtech 21 Duel Blackjack

In this game, players have the option of playing multiple hands which means they can have as many chances of winning as they want to. As with the standard game of blackjack, players must get as close to 21 without going bust or getting a lower total than the dealer.

Game Strategies

The main strategy to keep in mind in this game is that the house edge can be lowered to about 3%. This can be done when the player hits on a total of 16 or stands on a total of 17 or more. This is generally good logic anyway.

Multi Hand Option

If players choose to do so, they can play this game with just one hand or with many. Playing with many hands does allow for more opportunities to win, but it also carries a certain degree of risk. Playing the multi-hand version does get the game going faster though, so for those who have experience in blackjack it can be a very exciting take on an old favourite.

Side Bet

This game offers players the chance to make use of side bets. The 2-up bet allows a player to bet based on the first three cards that come up on the table. If the player sees a pair in these cards, they get a payout of 3:1 and if the three cards laid down are all the same, the player’s win is up to 20:1. Though these side bets are often not utilised as they present extra risk, they do allow for those players who are lucky to win a lot more money and to potentially, play at multiple games while still focusing on the main game.