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The best sports betting Apps for South Africans

Fancy a punt on the soccer or horses? Here are the best and safes  apps for your mobile device. You can register, deposit and bet from your mobile phone using any of these apps.
Best South Africa Sports Betting Apps

There’s few feelings like it in the world. The final game of your seven-fold accumulator. Sunday afternoon. You’ve picked well so far but the clock ticks down. You played safe for your last pick. The favourite. At home. They’re not performing though. Their middle of the table opposition aren’t either but it’s the 85th minutes and you still need a goal. Then, a gap. A through-ball. It meets the head of your team’s lunging central defender. The keeper had no chance. You’ve just won a small fortune.

These moments are the dream, right? These are why we put some change on a long shot. When they come in they’re magical. Of course, whether they’re no hopers or apparent dead certs, if you’re going to be withdrawing more than you deposit at online casinos, it’s best to be as clued up as possible. There’s loads of apps and services out there offering tips on accumulators, and betting programs, and we don’t advocate any of them. The reason being is there is an incentive for these programs to get you to lose. They gather a large following who deposit and the site pays the author of the material on their users’ net loses. Instead, we advocate choosing sites with great bonuses, and being as clued up as possible on the games your betting on. The apps we’ve listed below should help you do both these things.


If you’re going to be doing any serious betting online, it’s is an essential part of your tool box. Whatever it is you want to bet on, you will find the bookmakers which offer the event, and their price.

OddscheckerHorses, football, basketball, mixed martial arts, golf, tennis, cricket, rugby, politics, winter sports – the list could go on. Literally, if it’s happening and bookmakers are offering a price on it, it’ll be on Oddschecker.

After finding the event you want to bet on, you’ll see a break down on all the bookmakers’ prices. You can compare who gives the best price for a range of different occurrences during the match too. You might learn it’s better to back the win at one, and put your first goal scorer bet on a different website.

One really great thing about Oddschecker is it shows you event-specific promotions offered by bookmakers. Some bookies will offer enhanced prices on certain selections, or cash back for specific events, and visiting the site is a great way to stay up to date with these types of offers.


We Recommend Sportingbet

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Goal.com is, as the name strongly hints, a football resource. It’s got country specific pages, so you can stay up to date with all the latest South African action, as well as that from the rest of the world too.

Goal.comIts layout is user-friendly, and it’s easy to navigate to the competition you’re looking for information about. For betting, the site is great for checking results you might have missed, and for researching information for future bets. A close consideration of the teams playing at the weekend might show you some weakness in one squad. If you find out before the bookmakers, you might get a really juicy price on a bet against them.

Goal.com isn’t just great for football betting though. It’s great for football fans too. The dedicated team have some of the most up-to-the-minute soccer coverage on the planet. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone passionate about the beautiful game.


SuperSport offer a great online sports service. You can stream sporting events from South Africa, and around the world too.

SuperSportIn terms of content, the website is incredibly varied. It features rugby, football, cricket, golf tennis, and many other sports. Again, it’s a news orientated website that aims to provide updates as developments happen around the sporting world.

SuperSport is a great looking resource, managing to get a lot of information on the screen without giving a cluttered feel. The homepage dedicates space to a variety of different sports each with thumbnail pic plus related links. I’ve very initiative to use and you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Like Goal.com, SuperSport is a great way to stay as up-to-date on news surrounding your favourite sport when it comes to placing bets.

At the Races

If you’re into horseracing you’ll likely be familiar with At the Races already. You’ll have probably seen their logo at the top of many streams of track-side footage. They also offer a great online service where horseracing fans can check on the form, opposition, and any stable gossip that might be buzzing around their potential selection. They also post their results much faster than most TV coverage does. This solves a very frustrating aspect of betting on the sport.

At The RacesThey have a convenient app that you can download to your smartphone and access anywhere. This makes places bets and checking results on the move quick and easy.

The website covers information from around the world of horseracing from South Africa, the UK, to the US, and Hong Kong. If you’re serious about betting on horseracing, At the Races, like Oddschecker, is essential. Get the app, and visit the website before making your selections. You’ll probably pick up some ideas on how to spread your money most profitably across the meet you’re following.

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