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Favourite Movie Themed Slots

Which online slots are the most popular with South African movie fans? We asked a few of the casinos listed here at FhatsCasino and here they are.
Favourite Movie Themed Slots

With online slots being so popular, the market is overrun with several different games. Many purport to be the greatest virtual fruit machine experience out there. The seemingly endless options can be quite bewildering for a novice at the reels. It’s for that reason that many manufacturers seek licenses from popular franchises for their offerings. Picture the scene. You’re browsing page after page of different slot machines – all unfamiliar names – when you come across a logo you’ve seen many times before. Now, unless one of the unknown titles did an exceptional job at branding, it’s only natural you’re going to pick the one that’s most recognisable. Since each cinematic offering is usually visually distinctive and often plots can inspire creative bonus features, movie-themed slots are great from both the developer and the punters’ point of view.

Thanks to the success of machines like Gladiator, Rocky, and Star Wars in both online, and brick-and-mortar casinos, players at virtual casinos these days have an extensive list of options to choose from. We’ve narrowed down our favourites to just five that you absolutely must try today.


The Scarface slot machine from Netent is a game truly worthy of the Al Pacino masterpiece’s title. It features several characters, and clips from the classic tale of the Tony Montana’s drug-fuelled downfall. Fans of the original movie should know already, this one’s going to be action-packed.

Beach LifeScarface Slot

The specifics of the slot are nothing out of the ordinary. It has three rows, and five reels – so far pretty standard. It does, however, have three different stacked “wild” symbols. These are represented by Manny, Elvira, and of course, Tony himself. In addition to the extra shots at winning these provide, players fortunate enough to land them in specific spots will unlock extra features too.

Stacks that land on reel two will activate nudge spins. This allows for the reel to shift up, or down, further increasing the chances of hitting a big pay-out. The stacked “wild” landing on the third reel treats players to game’s most exciting feature from both the finale of the movie and as it happens Tony’s life. During the “Say Hello to my Little Friend” bonus, players use a gun, or grenade to defend Tony’s pad from a pack of mobsters out to settle him once and for all. Here, cash prizes are given for every kill Tony makes during the sequence, and it all culminates with his eventual death. It’s then that the total prize is added to the bankroll.

Scarface is an excellent game from one of the industry’s leading designers. With a theme as strong as “the life and times of Tony Montana” it’d be difficult to mess this one up. Fortunately, Netent delivers their product exceptionally.

21Prive Casino

Play Scarface Slot at 21Prive Casino

  • Offers players a R26 000 welcome bonus package.

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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

A “rites de passage” flick might seem an unorthodox choice for a slot machine but bear with us. The classic tale of truancy and self-discovery lends itself surprisingly well to the medium, thanks in a large part to the antics of our hero himself.

Ferris Bueller’s Day OffFerris Bueller’s Day Off Slot

The game’s bonus modes are the “Kick the Car” feature and the “Fake the Parents” feature. The first is triggered when the red car symbol appears on reel two with the Cameron symbol on reel four simultaneously. Players press a button to kick the priceless sport’s car and each strike increases its speedometer. The bet that triggered the mode originally is multiplied by the eventual speed of the car and this value is awarded to the player.

“Fake the Parents” feature is awarded when three or more “scatter” badge symbols appear anywhere. Players must press the keys on the keyboard to build the tally of free games. The multiplier is then shown as Ferris reduces his “days absent” by fibbing to the teacher.

For a movie with little explosive action, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off makes a fun slot that, thanks to its generous bonus features, can easily hold its own versus modern virtual fruit machines based on heavily CGI reliant blockbusters.

21Prive Casino

Play Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Slot at 21Prive Casino

  • Offers players a R26 000 welcome bonus package.

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One of Johnny Depp’s less famous roles, the Chameleon-sheriff Rango makes a fine theme for a slot machine. The graphics and soundbites are taken directly from the 3D animated movie, and the great lazy Mexican folk music from the motion pictures back the action too.

Beach LifeRango Slot

In terms of bonus features, there’s an instant re-spin for matching Rattlesnake Jake with Rango, as well as a full free spin mode for those landing three or more sheriff badge “scatter” symbols across the reels. During the free spins, multipliers are awarded for every Rattlesnake Jake “wild” that makes up your winning combination too.

The final great feature about the Rango slot is its progressive jackpot. This is awarded for the luckiest gunslingers who manage all five “jackpot” symbols across a single win line. As with most progressive jackpots, the sums won here can be truly life-changing.

Casino Luck

Play Rango Slot at Casino Luck

  • Offers players a R5 000 welcome bonus package.

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Terminator 2

Microgaming’s homage to one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best-loved movies is a fantastic slot machine. It’s got that epic, haunting original music from the film, a suitably dark and mechanical background, and clips from the blockbuster itself following any single win. All the characters you’d expect to see are present too. Sarah and John Connor, the T-1000, and of course, our hero, the Terminator himself.

Beach LifeTerminator 2 Slot

Terminator 2 features 243 ways to win in the base game and a staggering 1,024 ways during the free spin mode. That’s not all though, the liquid-metal T-1000 can transform into any other character symbol during the bonus feature to award the highest win possible. Bonus features like these that are directly relevant to the plot make certain movie slots like Terminator 2 stand out from the pack.

The game’s other feature is T-800 Vision. This mode is triggered randomly during the base game and for the duration of the feature, only a single “scatter” is needed to trigger free spins.

When all this is combined with the frankly incredible top prize of 88,000x the bet, it’s easy to see why this is one of our favourite movie-themed machines. Hit the game’s maximum jackpot and you’ll be able to buy your own clothes, boots, and motorcycle for real!

“This game is unfortunately not available in South Africa.”

Jurassic Park

The Jurassic Park slot has a similar feel to Terminator 2. This is most likely because it’s by the same developer – Microgaming. For this one, we’re deep in the jungle on an island off the coast of Costa Rica and of course, there’s dinosaurs, archaeologists, scientists, and sceptics a-plenty. The symbols have been lovingly designed and are all exact likenesses of the characters they represent, be they human or reptilian. One of our favourite touches is the fact that the background moves around, giving the impression that the player is trekking through the forest, just as Dr Grant did with the kids after the proverbial hits the fan in the movie.

Beach LifeJurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park is absolutely loaded with features. Not only is there a great free spin mode, after players have triggered it 25 times, they’re able to select a dinosaur for a unique twist on subsequent free spin modes. Each brings a different perk to the reels such as various “wild” symbols, and mystery multipliers.

That’s not all though. There’s also a “T-Rex Alert” mode which is triggered randomly during the base game. If a T-Rex is seen anywhere on the jungle background, the alarm sounds and 35 extra “wild” symbols are scattered across the reels for the next six spins. This substantially increases the chances of a big win.

If we have one grumble with the Jurassic Park slot however, it’s that they didn’t use the main theme music. This was an opportunity surely missed!

“This game is unfortunately not available in South Africa.