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Playing online slots is fast paced and exciting and gives players the opportunity to jump from one slot machine to another without having to leave the comfort of their seat. When you play online slots, you will find that there are thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of sites dedicated just to these. There are sites that offer slot games, those that offer reviews and even those that hold codes to unlock special slots bonuses.

Slots have become such a popular pastime that people all over the world have dedicated books and websites to it, and this has numerous advantages for every player. Simply put, it means that any player has the opportunity to read up and get the best information about slots without having to set foot in a casino. Once they are ready and feel that they have sufficient information to start playing, they can simply log on and begin their journey.

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Slots Games
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21Prive Casino
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Vegas Hero Casino
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Slots Garden Casino
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Sloty Casino
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Spinit Casino
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Casino Midas
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Club SA Casino
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Fly Casino
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Caribic Casino
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GDay Casino
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Casino Cruise
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Jackpot Cash Casino
R5 000 Match Bonus
Silver Sands Casino
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Springbok Casino
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Thunderbolt Casino
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Vegas Red Casino
R8 888 Match Bonus
Yebo Casino
R12 000 Match Bonus
Casino Las Vegas
Exclusive 20 Free Spins

Types of Slot Games

There are many different types of slots games that players can try out from the classic to the progressive, the themed slots to those that are plain as the day is long. All of these have their own advantages and their own payables and players would be wise to check these out before they start to play, so that they know exactly what they are getting into before placing their bet.

The most popular slots are obviously the progressives, but players would do well to keep an eye open for those slots that have bonus games attached to them. These can be very profitable in that they reward players with free spins and more money as they go. These are both entertaining and rewarding.

Slots have been popular since the rise of casinos in general and when playing online, players often switch from classic to progressive, three-reel to multi-reel slots in the blink of an eye. With so many different themes and extra added benefits to playing the slots, it is in fact a wonder that all players do not keep slots on their back burners, so to speak. While some prefer to go straight to the tables, many more players will stick to the slots and play anything from the classic three-reel to slots tournaments.

For those players who follow popular culture, there are also many different types of slots that are themed after cartoon characters and popular TV shows and these can be both very diverting and very rewarding. Not only do they allow the player to enter a world of total fantasy, but they have the same great bonuses and rewards as the other machines do.

Slots Bonuses

Since slots is the most popular online casino game it is no wonder that bonuses tend to be based around these types of games. You will find casinos offering a variety of slot focused bonuses including free spins and free play bonuses.

Getting free spins in the casino has a two-fold benefit. Firstly, free spins can allow players the chance to sample games so that they can determine whether they enjoy them or not. These free spins are usually doled out when players first enter the casino and are not really for those who have been playing for a while. In some cases, free spins are dealt to players when they hit a certain combination in the slot machine while playing for real money. Should they get the right symbols to align, they are awarded free spins, which is really the opportunity to make more money without having to pay any extra.

Slots Strategy

There is no such thing as a slot strategy. Though there are many people who would disagree with this statement, more than likely hoping to make money by selling their strategies, the slot machines depend entirely on luck. It is impossible to figure out where the symbols will fall or how the reels will spin and thus, there is no way to base a strategy on what is entirely random. However, some people will quite rightly claim that it is possible, and even sensible, to put together a betting strategy for the slots. This means that rather than place the same bet every time you play, you bet according to how the reels are spinning.

Best Online Slot Games

Battlestar Galactica

One of the greatest slots offers must be the game, Battlestar Galactica. Based on the popular television series from NBC, the game offers players the opportunity to take a sci-fi journey into an alternate universe and play a great slots game at the same time. In the battle of the humans against the Cylons there can only be one winner, but in the game Battlestar Galactica, the winners are those who simply play and this means anyone has the chance to strike it lucky.

World domination lies in the balance and your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to spin the reels in the sci-fi game Battlestar Galactica and free the world from the grip of the Cylons. Even for those who have never seen the hit NBC TV show, this game can provide hours of excitement and entertainment and really makes for exciting gaming. With five reels, many players would assume that this game was as straightforward as any other slot game, however, what players may not already know is that they will have 243 different opportunities to win and because the game features exciting modes that players will never have seen before, such as the run and fight options, it makes for some exciting spinning. Players have the option of getting up to 15 free spins in this game and that’s not all. The exciting symbols give way to many bonus features and wilds that will make any player feel as though they have stepped into the eye of the storm and come out winning on the other side. For those who wish to play the run mode, all of the wins to the left and right and will count too and this means more chances to win than ever.


If you have never seen the movie Blade and do not know about the comics of the same name, you may have felt as though you were missing out. Luckily, Playtech has come to the rescue with the development of this exciting game. With five reels to spin as you take on the character of the vampire hunter and 20 paylines to use to get to your win, the game allows players to make a maximum bet of 200 per spin. The great animations and the beautifully drawn graphics also allow for players to imagine they have entered an alternate universe. With bets beginning at just a cent, this is also a great game for beginners.


Based on one of the most well-known and iconic movies of all time, Playtech brings to life the story of Rock Balboa, the boxer who went from underdog to champion. Now brought to life in the form of a slots game featuring five reels and 25 paylines, players have their chance to duke it out with others in the attempt to reach the big jackpot. Featuring popular characters from the movies and many opportunities to win, players will be right in the heart of the action when they partake in this game, and like so many offered by Playtech, will be very impressed with the game’s graphics and the great sound effects. Those hoping for a flashback to the 80s and the time that Rocky was popular will certainly find it here but will not have the endure a sparring match themselves to get a big win.

Captain America

The cast and crew of the show all have a hand in this game and while some players may not know about the famous Captain, Lee Adama and his incredible crew including Lt Kara Thrace and Doctor Baltar, others will appreciate how they characters have been morphed into a seemingly realistic cast for the game. There is only one way to win the war against the Cylons and defend the whole of the human race and that involves playing the game. Whether you’re a fan or not, the fast paced game offers so many rewards that there are few players who will not want to get involved. This is a war in which the risks are low, the rewards are plenty and the action is exciting. Not only will this game create a fast-paced and fun atmosphere, but it is sure to produce a win.

We bid a fair welcome to Captain America who has many missions to complete on his way to making every player a winner. For those who have never come across this legendary hero from the Marvel comics, now is the time to get acquainted, especially if you have never played the Cryptologic Captain America slot game before. Using five reels to keep the fun spinning and 25 paylines to offer players more chances to win, the game is simply filled with symbols and signs that point to the heroism of the Captain.

Choices of Betting

The game is very fast paces and allows players their choice of betting anywhere from 0.01 to 5.00 which means it is the perfect game both for the high rollers and for those who like to keep their bets small. The payout is very generous with the maximum bet and your reward for coming across the Captain five times will be a generous 125 000 coins. There are also three progressives to be won in this game and these are randomly selected. Some of the other symbols that also pay out well include the Red Skull, five of which allows for a 5 000 coin payout and the Bucky symbol, five of which allow for a 1 000 coin payout.

Perfect Game Play

Happening upon Captain America himself is certainly something that players will want since he is the wild and will play the perfect substitute for any other symbol. The logo of the game is the scatter and should players come across is three times or more, they will be taken to the bonus game for a chance to win even more. The bonus game asks players to choose a plane and should that plane explode, they will win a bonus or anywhere from extra cash to free spins.Captain America is certainly one of the more well-known heroes from the Marvel comics and whether you are a fan who has been following his exploits for years, or are just getting to know him, it is certainly worth playing the famous Captain America slot and seeing why it is so beneficial to players.

Pink Panther

Playtech has brought to life the cartoon character of the Pink Panther, one of the most famed and celebrated animated icons of all time. Not only did this character spawn a wealth of movies starring Pete Sellers as Inspector Clouseau, but it also inspired many merchandising schemes and other endeavours.The game itself is made up of five reels that players can use to get any of the symbols to align on each of the 40 paylines. With many bonus games for players to try and reach as well as wild and scatter symbols, the game certainly has a lot of features to excite and entertain. Players have the option of playing in denominations as low as 0.01 and as high as 5.00 and this makes Pink Panther the perfect game for both beginners and the more experienced players. For high rollers, a maximum bet of 2 000 per spin makes the game very exciting too.

More Prices with Gambling

The Pink Panther itself is the wild, and using this symbol, players can get their symbols to align and claim the big prize. When they get to the bonus code, players will have the opportunity to crack a code which will allow them to get even more prizes such as free spins and the like. If they happen to open a safe with dynamite inside it though, their adventure is over. Another great feature is called Colour the Pink in which players have to paint a wall. And if they trigger the Pink Trail, players will have the opportunity to follow the very famous Clouseau.

Major Gaming Features

The game features both major and minor jackpots and this means that even for those with low bets, there are still opportunities to get a big payout. It is really the bonus games that make this slot so special and whether you prefer the slots with higher paytables or those that are very entertaining, both tastes will be catered for in this game. This slot is one that all players will find very exciting and a lot of fun and may be playing for hours on end.