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Video Poker

Playing online video poker can be really exciting and because it goes so much faster than the actual game of poker, is really the perfect diversion for any individual looking for a new pastime. In an online casino, the game of video poker has many variants from Deuces Wild to Aces and Faces and though all of these follow the basic rules of poker, they have some of their own subsets of rules too. Players would do well to check these out and adhere to them if they want to win.

Playing Video Poker

One of the biggest advantages in playing online video poker is that players need not pay to play. In fact, they have the option of playing the practice games and chalking up the experience and confidence they need to get to the real money play. Besides this, the obvious convenience of playing online makes video poker very exciting as does the speed of play. Unlike a land-based casino in which poker is a slow and laborious game, playing video poker means that you are the only contestant. This being the case, you control the speed of the game and that means if you choose to go faster or slower, that is how the game goes.

For those who have never played online video poker, there is also the help aspect. While you are playing, you can click the help button and get instant assistance from the call centre. This means that if you have any problems of queries about how the game works, you get instant answers, something you definitely won’t find in a physical casino.

Playing online can be one of the most fun and diverting things you ever do and if you have ever wanted to learn how poker works, this is the perfect way to do it. Playing video poker online allows you to control your gaming experience and that means that if you want to go more slowly and see how the game works or speed it up, the control is in your hands

Video Poker Casinos

Did you know that there are literally thousands of casinos that all stock video poker games of a wide variety? It is true. Run by software providers such as Microgaming, Playtech and even Cryptologic, players have more opportunities than ever to learn the game of poker and to have a great time doing it. In every casino, no matter what software is run, there are two things that every player should take of, namely, the paytables and the graphics.Each developer will come to the party with their own interpretation of what makes a fun game of poker and thus each game will be quite different. All of these games are themed in some way or have some kind of hook that persuades players to give them a try. Some have progressive jackpots to be claimed, while others will feature anything from celebrities to TV shows.

Top Rated South African Video Poker Casinos:

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Video Poker Games
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21Prive Casino
Unlimited Match Bonus
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Casino Midas
R15 000 Match Bonus
Club SA Casino
R8 888 Match Bonus
Fly Casino
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GDay Casino
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Jackpot Cash Casino
R5 000 Match Bonus
Silver Sands Casino
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Springbok Casino
R11 500 Match Bonus
Thunderbolt Casino
R11 500 Match Bonus
Vegas Red Casino
R8 888 Match Bonus
Yebo Casino
R12 000 Match Bonus

Video Poker Bonuses

When it comes to bonuses, players will have lots of opportunities to claim these when playing video poker. The catch here however is that players will need to take note of the wagering requirements of these bonuses and though they may think they are getting something for nothing, they are in fact expected to wager in a certain way and on certain games. For many players though, taking advantage of these bonuses is no problem and adhering to the rules with which they come means that they can keep playing for the foreseeable future.

Video Poker Flash

Online casinos have gotten very clever and rather than just present players with a downloadable casino that they will need to keep on their desktop, players can now log in online and play video poker in their browser windows. This is a very convenient solution and despite some comments to the contrary, is very safe too. Those who wish to play online will find that not only is it quick and easy to log on, but this is definitely a more convenient solution than going to the local casino to play video poker. It makes sense to play video poker online for a variety of reasons.

Best Video Poker Games

Playtech 4 Line Aces and Faces Video Poker

Playtech has something new to offer players who love their video poker. With the standard Aces and Faces that many players may already know comes a new variant in a 25 line version. This means that there are 25 hands to be played by every player and the best payout, since there is the chance to increase your winnings by 25 times. Even this can be doubled using the game’s gamble feature and ensuring that all players have a whole new experience when they set out to play one of their favourite games.

Playtech 10s or Better Video Poker

10s or better, as the name would imply is Playtech’s offering for those players who like to play with tens and face cards. Any payouts can only be achieved by getting a good combination of cards starting with the ten. Any combinations with lower valued cards are ignored. The option to gamble your winnings also exists and provides for an extra dimension to the game. There are no wild cards in this game and because it is played with the standard deck of cards, anything could happen.

Playtech 10 Line Jacks or Better Video Poker

Playing a ten-line video poker game may seem as scary to some players as it is exciting to others. While the game does allow players to play ten hands at the same time, this may seem hard to control. However, one thing that cannot be disputed is that it makes the game much more exciting. With the chance to win a progressive jackpot too, there is no doubt that players will want to give this game a try. Played with a standard deck, players are charged with trying to get a combination of any Aces or face cards. Because the only combinations that count are those with the Jack, Queen, King or Ace, there is no need to worry about the lower valued cards, or to even hold on to them when it comes time to deal. The rewards in this game can be just as plentiful as the amount of hands.

Playtech 4 Line Aces and Faces Video Poker

Playing video poker can be one of the most exciting parts of visiting an online casino and with the option to play any of the different variants, allows for those who need a little extra variety. Playtech has brought to life a new variant in video poker, known simply as 25-line poker. What this means for players is the chance to play 25 hands all at the same time. This means that players get their chance to win 25 times the payout that they put in, and many more chances to have a great time.

Why Play Playtech 4 Line Aces and Faces Video Poker

Playing 25-line poker may seem a bit excessive for some, but as so many players already know, playing more than one hand at a time can sometimes be more exciting than other version. Because this version comprises Aces and Faces, there is also no need to worry about cards such as the two, three or four. Players need only focus on the face cards and the Ace and this will allow them to direct their focus.There are three different payouts in this game, including a maximum 4000 coins for those who are lucky enough to get a royal flush. After a hand is played, players also get the extra action of getting involved in the gamble feature which allows them to pick a card. Should they pick a card that is higher in value than the revealed card, they will have won even more money.

Rules and Strategy

Played with the usual 52 cards, Aces and Faces in this type of video poker has just one strategy that players should try to remember. Any Aces or Faces that appear in the player’s hand should be held. All others can be discarded in the hopes of getting a better hand. Players who abide by this rule will have a lot more success in this game, and will find that they have more opportunities to win the big money. The gamble feature provides an extra opportunity to win, but has its own risks.

10s or Better

Playtech has brought to life an exciting version of the game of poker in the form of 10s or better. This video poker game allows players to stake their bets in the hope that they will get the right cards and get the winning combination. With no wild cards and the cards below ten having no value, this game requires a little bit of strategy and a lot of luck.

Why Play Playtech 10s or Better Video Poker

10s or better can be a really exciting adventure into the world of video poker and with 4 000 coins on the line for the person who manages to get a royal flush, this game has a lot to offer players. Of course, as the name implies, any payouts in the game begin only with combinations that are made up of tens, jacks, queens, kings and Aces. Any cards of a value of nine or lower are pretty much disregarded.Using a standard deck of 52, the player must try to hold on to the relevant cards in an attempt to get the winning combination. If they do manage to win, they are also able to stake their winnings using the gamble feature. With this feature, they must pick a card from the deck that is of a higher value than the card shown. If they manage to do this, they will have doubled their winnings.

Rules and Strategy

This video poker game relies on the same rules as standard poker but on a smaller scale. Because all of the cards from nine downwards are disregarded, there is no need to worry about twos and threes, and rather, the player must focus on the tens and higher. Should they manage to make a winning combination from these cards, they will have the opportunity to win prizes depending on what combination they have gotten. As per the name, it makes sense to hold onto cards that have a value of ten or higher and disregard the others. This means that even if you have three threes, you should give them away as they will not add to your win.

Four Line Jacks or Better

When playing poker in an online casino, you may notice that there are not only many different versions of the game but also many ways in which each of these versions can be played. Playing four line video poker games such as Jacks or Better is one such variant that gives players the opportunity to get more wins and to have more fun, thanks to gaming developer, Playtech.

Why Play Playtech Four Line Jacks or Better Video Poker

This game allows players to play four poker hands at the same time and get four winning combinations. Though there is definitely more of an initial investment in the game, that is, more money is needed as there are more hands being played, this could result in more reward in each hand. This being the case, players have the opportunity to play four hands at a time and then use the gamble option to put up any of their winnings in an attempt to win even more.Similar to any other game of video poker, the game also allows players to use the autoplay option which allows them to automatically hold certain cards and let the game do all of the work. Once the games are done, they can pull up their stats and see how the hands went, claim any winnings or work out a strategy for the next round. Because of the nature of the game, players have the opportunity to get the best hand in all four hands that they hold, and thus this means exceptional rewards.

Rules and Strategy

The rules of any poker game follow the same lines and with a standard 52 card deck, players play four line poker as if they were four different people. Technically, this means that they have the opportunity to win four times, though they must make four times the wagers. In a normal game of poker, the highest payout is usually 4 000 coins and thus, if the player gets a few good hands in the four line version of the game, they can bring home a lot of money.